80 Blender Grease Pencil tips

This is a long, very dense video full with tips for Blender’s Grease Pencil. Hence the title 80 Blender Grease Pencil tips. Therefore it can be useful to learn Grease Pencil fast. However, you need to pause the video frequently to make notes, practise or memorize. Because these are all separate tips, best is to watch also other tutorials that show a workflow. Still, this tutorial is good to study to get a picture of all features. For me, I get kind of tired after 10 minutes, and the video is one and half hour long. So it’s very dense.

A one and half hour Grease Pencil tips.

A complementary video about Greasepencil

Because the 80 Blender Grease Pencil tips video shows a huge amount of separate tips, the following video is a welcome complement. Its a 60 minutes talk about Grease Pencil. So that is completely the opposite and can be the missing link. I think with these two video’s you have a pretty good start in short time. For me, I know most features of Grease Pencil, but have no good idea yet for a workflow. If you are in the same boat, stay tuned because I look for more video’s that show how artist actually use Grease Pencil.

More resources for Grease Pencil

Of course, the Blender Manual – Grease Pencil is good to look at. For sure when you want to know more about each setting related to Grease Pencil. And in the release notes, you see what is new in Blender 2.92’s Grease Pencil. More post will follow as I dive into Grease Pencil, and let me know in the comments if you know a good tutorial. What I am looking for is a video with good sound, and is efficient in learning about the topic. Meanwhile enjoy the 80 Blender Grease Pencil tips.

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