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The Blender3D tutorials website is a place where you can find Blender tutorials. Not just that: there is some written information, and you can sort by levels and categories. Once there are enough tutorials listed there will also be learning paths. So that is what the website is about, but who is New Media Supply? New Media Supply is invented by me, Robert, and the goal is to empower Blender users. Blender is awesome software and it’s users too. I know that most of us feel an urge to create. Unfortunately creators are often thinkers, inventors and tend less to gain ground in being self-sufficient so that they can keep on doing what they love to do. I am one of you but decided to break through that cycle and I think we are much stronger together.

The Meaning of the logo

This logo below might explain a bit more. The spiral stand for growth, and the dots are people. In this case a community where members supporting each other to gain ground. Black stands for reliability, maybe luxury, style. And the green, blue and brown tints to make it organic. So it’s an organic growth of people supporting each other gaining ground in what they believe in.

Logo New Media Supply
Logo New Media Supply

Gaining ground vs conquer

The Blender community is different, mostly thanks to Ton who said “Money doesn’t interest me”. Of course money interest us, but there is a difference between doing things for the sake of money, of trying to gaining ground with the things we love. And this so that we can keep on doing what we love to do: create. We al feel an aversion of phrases like “For the whole family”, “25% off now”, etc. Especially, I expect, that the average Blender user is able to think a bit more critically than those who are are easily influenced. But earning money is not a dirty word per definition.

The Potentials

The potentials are huge. We see examples of people earning easily 100.000 a year, I am not kidding. Just showing the potential here, not the goal. To see it, visit Blender Market and look at some popular addons. See how often it is sold in a year and what the price is. Again, I am talking about potentials, just in case you think if it is possible to reach the goal New Media Supply has. It’s definitely possible.

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