Blender download (is Blender free?)

Of course, we all know that Blender is free. But wait, you have to download Blender from the right source. While most likely we end up at the right website, there are websites that ask you to pay. And because there are several downloads, you might wonder what Blender download is best. This starts with the beginning: Blender Download and answer the question if Blender is free. But that’s not all. In this video, I show you also the Blender basics, blender modeling, shortcuts, and more. So you can start with Blender in no time.

Blender download (is Blender free?)

Blender Basics

Let’s talk about Blender Basics because that’s what you want to know after downloading Blender, right? In the video, you see the default settings (factory settings) of Blender 2.93. So if you download Blender 2.93, then the Blender looks the same as yours. Here is the content of the video:

  • 00:09 Is Blender Free?
  • 01:02 Blender download, how to. (Blender 2.93)
  • 03:50 System Requirements
  • 04:58 Blender Basics
  • 05:53 Grab, Scale and Rotate (and shortcut keys)
  • 06:30 Axis explained, (Grab, Scale and Rotate on axis)
  • 08:20 Grab, Scale and Rotate on local axis (instead of global axis)
  • 09:33 Right click and left click
  • 09:45 Middle mouse button (to pan, zoom, and orbit)
  • 10:23 Blender Zoom to object (shortcut)
  • 10:45 Blender mode meaning (edit mode and object mode)
  • 11:10 Add object – shortcut key
  • 12:05 Blender basics (modeling)
  • 13:10 Basic operations – Inset, Extrude, Bevel, Scale. Shortcut keys.
  • 14:10 Subsurf Modifier
  • 15:00 Outliner
  • 16:20 How to redo in Blender (shortcut key)
  • 17:00 Properties Panel
  • 18:00 Duplicate object (object vs linked, Shortcut Keys)
  • 19:10 Object vs Mesh
  • 20:20 How to use the Pie Menu fast
  • 21:58 Organise windows in Blender
  • 23:16 Simple Animation
  • 24:44 Free Blender addons
  • 25:37 More Blender Tutorials
  • 26:00 Prepare for the future already – marketing

Let me explain a bit more about the video to have an idea of what to look for. If you look for Blender Basics, then start with 04:58. But if you know the basics already but struggle with modeling in Blender, start with 12:05. Another common question is how to redo in Blender. And for that, check the chapter that starts at 16:20.

Where to download Blender?

THE website to download Blender is But there are more places; for example, you can download the experimental versions (Daily Builds). Another place to download Blender versions is on (custom builds). To explain the last link, those are branches of specific features that are in development. Now, the last two links are paid versions: E-Cycles and K-Cycles. These paid versions claim to improve the Cycles render speed.

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