blender video editing – part1

Good to see Ryan King Art, who presents this video, is doing well. To clarify: In just one year he made more than 144 Blender tutorials and the quality is good. Also in this video, blender video editing – part1, the we see a tidy presentation. Ryan explains the UI in the Video Editing workspace and recommended default settings. This includes how to save default settings, how Blender handles RAM, and all you need to know before you start editing.

blender video editing – part1 by Ryan King Art

When to watch the blender video editing – part1 tutorial

This tutorial is suitable for when you plan to work more frequently with the Video Editing workspace in Blender. Or also when you want to dive into Video Editing. On the other hand, if you are already familiar with the settings and the UI, watch other parts. More about the other parts later. Also for those not familiar with Blender at all, and just want to do Video Editing with Blender, this is a great tutorial.

Some side notes about this tutorial

At one point in the video, Ryan explains he prefers to use mp3 for audio. As Ryan shows in a later video, best is to set it to AAC instead of MP3. That is the same setting I use, and works fine. For me, there is problem sometimes when I upload a video to Twitter. In that case I use handbrake, play with it’s settings and at the end Twitter accepts it. Also I don’t like to change left-, and right click. This to prevent confusing watching tutorials. And also I am not sure if there are addons that doesn’t expect it. So just two small things I want to mention, for the rest the tutorial is very useful. Although I am quite familiar with the Video Sequencer, I learned from this video.

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