Blender Zoom to Object

Also called Frame Selected in Blender, and the python command is view_selected. But what you searched for was likely Blender Zoom to Object or Focus on Object. Because this is a common question, it’s worth posting this Blender Zoom to Object article. Not only do I show you how you can Zoom to Object in Windows but also on Mac. Namely, the problem with Mac is that there is no full stop on the numeric keypad.

The video also shows other features in Blender related to focus on object. Because there are quite some alternatives, here a list:

  • Focus on Object in Windows (full stop on numeric keypad)
  • On the Mac you need to assign another shortcut. See the video how to do that.
  • Zoom region, also called Border Zoom
  • Zoom with the Ctrl and the middle mouse button
  • Center Cursor and Frame all. Shortcut is Shift C, or Home.
  • Working with empties to zoom. This is handy when you edit big and complex shapes.
  • Align Active Camera to View (Ctrl Alt 0)
  • Move camera closer/further from/to object.
  • Lock Camera to view. Tip is to add it to quick favorites.
  • Local View. Shortcut is Numpad / or /.

Blender Zoom to Object Video Tutorial

Because it’s more convenient to watch a video than to read text, I decided to make a video. Here it is.

Focus on object without numpad (and with)

More beginner tutorials

If you are completely new to Blender, you might be interested in some Blender Basics. For that, I have another video Blender Download that shows the very basic. For other beginner tutorials, check this section of the website.

But if you are already familiar with Blender and are looking for Add-ons for Blender, visit the Blender-addons website. And if you are really serious with Blender and want to make a living, take a look at this awesome course, ZEN and the art of making a living as a 3d artist.

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