Get started with Geometry Nodes

This is a good tutorial from Kenan Proffitt if you want to start with Geometry Nodes. While it is for Blender 2.92 that doesn’t have all the feature yet, it’s a good entry. First it shows the Point Distribute and Join Geometry. Then you see the Point instance and Attribute Randomize. So far, what this does it like a particle system. Repeat this 3 times use collection and you have an advanced particle system. One more thing, is the use of weight paint to guide the flowers. And last but not least: you can easily animate all the sliders in Geometry Nodes. So if you are not familiar with Geometry Nodes, definitely watch the Get started with Geometry Nodes tutorial.

Tutorial by Kenan Proffitt

When to watch this tutorial

Geometry Nodes its development pace is at high speed. Not without reason: it’s a real game changer. Because there are bigger plans, it’s worth it getting familiar with it. Unless you use Blender pure for sculpting, video editing. Or design game assets; as far as I see you can’t bake (yet) Geometry Nodes to real Geometry. Therefore my conclusion is that Geometry Nodes are most interesting when you do stills, animations, share ideas, sell setups etc. For me, I am a more a generalist, and need to pick this up in my vocabulary.

Other sources related to Geometry Nodes

As you notice, I post a lot about Geometry Nodes. Therefore a list here, so you can decide what to watch first.

Of course there are also loads of other tutorials, and if you come across a good one, let me know in the comments.

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