Introduction to the new Geometry Nodes in Blender #1

Another introduction, and this time by Blender Guru. To start with, Andrew covers more of the concept of Geometry Nodes. For example how nodes generally work. And what the difference is between points and particles, which is important to know. So you will learn the very beginning of Geometry Nodes. If you have time and you know already Geometry Nodes, this tutorial is worth to watch. Below the Introduction to the new Geometry Nodes in Blender #1 tutorial. There is also a part 2. Mind that this tutorial covers only scattering points.

When to watch this tutorial

To check if this tutorial is for you or not:

  • Introduction to the new Geometry Nodes.
  • You watched a few tutorials, but still not getting the hang of it.
  • Wonder why points disappear when you scale the object down?
  • How do nodes actually work.
  • Order of nodes related to point scattering.
  • How to pin the Geometry Nodes editor so it don’t disappear.
  • Attribute Randomize node, and attributes (what are you trying to drive).
  • How min and max work.
  • How to make a gumdrop
  • Don’t mind hearing a short reference to Poliigon.

Interesting comments of the Introduction to the new Geometry Nodes

In the comments there is a suggestion to use Poisson distribution. Which is to evenly distribute the sugar on the gumdrop avoiding intersections. But, Andrew responds, it only works when scattered instances are all the same size. Circle packing, a feature we will see later, is the answer. Also check the comment: “The pi thing you were talking about… They’re probably using radians as a unit for angle… 2 times pi radians equals 360 degrees… So pi would be 180 degrees”. And a reply on the question why particles is not enough: “Particles isn’t really suited for instances. Lots of frustrating rotation settings.”

Again, there are loads of video’s out there and it’s not feasible to watch them all. But if you see a good tutorial, about Geometry Nodes let me know in the comments.

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