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Quixel Bridge is an awesome application. Imagine that you have such feature in Blender where you can sort, filter and preview materials. Luckily we can export from Bridge right into Blender. But the downside of it is, it takes a lot of effort to setup the materials properly. First you need to UV unwrap your object. Next you adjust the UV in the UV editor. Then you need to add some more nodes into the shader editor. Imagine you do this for 20 or more materials. Because this takes a lot of time, I offer the Quixel Helper addon which is available on Blender Market. See how you can save time using the Quixel helper addon in the video below. Mind that this video was a live stream, but it explains it pretty well.

Quixel Helper addon – Benefits and use

Benefits of the Quixel helper addon

Whenever I use Quixel Bridge, the Quixel helper addon is a huge time saver. It allows me to save time to do other, more important work. If you want to be productive you need productive tools. Blender is awesome and offers a lot of features. But it’s like you have to set up every little thing yourself. Hence the reason why there are so many addons. Some are more productive than others, and some are for a very specific task. Here the benefits of the addon:

  • No need to UV unwrap your models anymore. The addon adds nodes for Tri-planar mapping. Result is that in 98% of the cases you save time. And this for each single material or object.
  • Get rid of materials in memory that you don’t use. For that, is the purge button. So you can try as many materials from Quixel Bridge, press purge and it cleans up your scene.
  • No more hassle with the default cube like: grab 1 unit in Z-axis, set origin to 3D cursor, etc. You can now scale much easier the primitives. This, because the origin is already at the bottom face.
  • Because of this, it’s also easier to snap to face of other objects. Handy for creating walls and blocking out your scene.
  • Have the camera settings at hand. Otherwise, these are al over the place. Like: passepartout, lock to view, DOF.
  • And have the render settings at hand. So all together, you save a lot of time when you work with Quixel Bridge setting up a scene.

Where to get the addon

You can get the Quixel helper addon on Blender Market. The Blender Market is a reliable and stable online shop for Blender addons, tutorials and assets. Other reasons to use Blender Market is that you can easily contact the creator, give reviews, and if need you can request a refund.

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