Un-confusing the NLA Editor

The user CGDrive on youtube made an excellent tutorial. This time it’s the “Un-confusing the NLA Editor” tutorial, that explains how the NLA Editor in Blender works. Because the NLA Editor is quite confusing at first, this tutorial deserves some attention. NLA stands for Non Linear Animation. And with this Editor in Blender, we can use animations (actions) as if they are filmstrips. As a result it means, we can now mix and repeat animations of the object. CGDive explains about Blending, Interpolation, the UI, and how the NLA editor actually works.

Tutorial level

This tutorial is for intermediate to advanced users of Blender. This, because you need to be familiar on how to create an animation first. So in case you are a beginner, look for videos tagged as beginner. And if you are new to Blender, best is to start with the category Basics.

The tutorial Un-confusing the NLA Editor

Discussed in this tutorial:

  • Scene setup
  • Moving Actions to the NLA
  • Tracks & Strips
  • Tracks Overview
  • Blending Modes
  • Extrapolation
  • Active Action + NLA
  • Strip Name & Active Action Name
  • Muting Strips
  • Playback Scale (Action speed)
  • Tweak mode (Edit Mode for Action Strips)
  • Action Strip “trimming”
  • Repeat (Looping Actions)
  • Cyclic Strip Time(!?)
  • Influence (Action Transitions)
  • Push Down” VS “Stash”

Who is CGDive?

CGDive offers in-depth CG education, like this tutorial “Un-confusing the NLA Editor”. If you want to know more about CGDive check this page where you can find his twitter and all other links like CGDive’s website.

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